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OA Dr. Delio Peter Pramhas

Orthopedist & certified senior surgeon according to the EndoCert certificate

Private doctor


I am a doctor of choice for orthopedics, i.e. for you as a patient that you can freely choose to be treated by me and do not have to rely on a referral.

The advantages of a private doctor are:

  • personal and individual support
  • quick appointments
  • no waiting times

The biggest advantage of my elective doctor ordination is that I can take care of your complaints carefully and without time pressure.


As a doctor of choice, I have no contract with the health insurance companies. You pay my fee in cash or with an ATM card and I will send you a detailed list of the services you have provided, which you can submit to your health insurance company.

You will be reimbursed part of the amount from your health insurer.

If an operation is necessary, I will carry it out in the Orthopedic Hospital in Speising and I can personally look after you from the preliminary examination to the operation and follow-up care. Your health insurance will cover the costs of an operation in Speising. If you have additional insurance, you can benefit from various additional services during your stay.

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