Foot Surgery

Hallux Valgus / Ganglion / Bunion

This clinical picture involves a malposition of the big toe (hallux) with a ganglion formation that can lead to pressure pain inside of shoes.

By surgery, this malposition of the big toe is corrected and the ganglion removed. The toe bone stabilization with titanium screws allows a fast mobilization.

Hallux Rigidus / Stiff Big Toe / Metatarsophalangeal Joint Arthrosis

In the course of an extreme abrasion of the metatarsophalangeal joint cartilage, painful stiffening occurs in this joint.

In partial cases of mild progressive forms, conservative surgery is possible in order to preserve the joint. In severe cases, however, the joint has to be completely stiffened in order to achieve a pain free state.

Hammer Toe

Flatfoot and splayfoot may lead to an elevation of the 2nd to the 5th toe which can create a painful callus formation (“shoe conflict”).

This malposition can be corrected via a small skin incision.